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glasses free CES 2011: Glasses Free 3D TV

Photo by Leah Hovig

3D’s resurgence the past couple years, mostly due to popular movies like Avatar and products like 3D televisions, has helped 3D technology move far past the days of blue and red glasses. However, glasses of any type have often been seen as a bit of a nuisance.  3D TVs currently on the market require glasses that cost around $100 or more and the amount of people who can enjoy a movie on a 3D TV is limited to the number of glasses 3D TV owners have in their home. However, the next step in 3D technology was revealed at CES this week with Toshiba’s glasses-free 3D television sets.

To see this set in person is fairly impressive, considering this technology still has a ways to go before it’s consumer-ready. Objects do appear multi-dimensional… for the most part. However, the picture quality is not as impressive as it can be when sitting in a theater with 3D glasses. At times the 3D effect would be lost or fragmented. During scenes with quick motion some the image would lose its 3D feel and a pixelated effect would occur. Also, a slight turn of the head or not standing in one of the 3 designated spots would cause ghosting or a total loss of the 3D effect.

This latest step in 3D technology still has a ways to go before you see it in your living room, but a fair presentation was made in glasses-free 3D far earlier than many people predicted. Toshiba isn’t the only one working on this technology, LG and Sony also presented glasses-free sets at their booths. Kudos to all 3 companies to bringing us one step closer to true glasses-free 3D in the home.

img 0106 2 CES 2011: Glasses Free 3D TV

Photo by Leah Hovig

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