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nipplegate Top 3: WTF Halftime Show Moments In Big Game History

Photo Credit:LA Times

There has been copious amounts of  WTF moments in the past decade of halftime shows. However, the top 3 listed here easily take the cake!

#3: Shania Twian 2003

Nothing says football, beer and other manly things than a petite country star singing about “Man, I Feel Like A Women”. Who are the dip s@*ts that book these acts anyway!? She is easy to look at though, about the only good part of that performance!


#2: The Black Eyed Peas 2011

Ahhh the brand new stadium in Arlinton, Texas. What a way to break that bad boy in huh?  There is so many WTF moments in this performance,  it makes Bill Clinton getting BJ’s under his desk from Miss Lewinsky seem like a saint! Five horrible songs back to back does not make any of them contain less SUCK. The whole thing was just a train wreck… and I have no fathomable clue why people still purchase their music after that! Even aliens were puking from the performance and wardrobe.


#1: Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake 2004

Not much needs to be said in this other than FU Janet with your obvious stunt that has ruined our industry since your nasty boob came out! Screw the $550,000 dollar fine CBS had to pay. You should personally have to divide that amount each year to all of us dj’s across the states for all the crap we now have to deal with. Not to mention all the cool/fun stuff that we can no longer do with our listeners. If anything bad ever happens in your life, you CAN blame Janet Jackson for it!!


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