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Ever wonder what it would be like to get stranded in the ocean on a cruise ship for 5 days with nothing but booze and broken toilets?  Me neither…but since it was happening I figured I’d see how things were going on the ship.  Fortunately someone picked up the phone, check it out.

Manley: Who’s this
Katie: Hi, Jon i’ts Katie
Manley:Katie What’s up, I’m watching you on tv right now.

Katie: Are you?
Manley: Well I don’t know if its you personally but..
Katie: (laughs) on that big old boat?
Manley: Yea so take me through this whole thing, when did you realize you were stranded?
Katie: Not until probably half way through the afternoon on Sunday because the fire went off at 5:00 and they didn’t announce it until oh I don’t know 5:15, or 5:20 saying that everybody needs to go back to their rooms and go back to the main dock at the top of the boat. Well a lot of people were grabbing their life jackets and stuff and ran over to their Monster station. I actually went up to the dock and grabbed my stuff and as I was exiting out the doors to my room i saw this surge of smoke coming from a hallway. It was the strangest thing I have ever, like experienced in my life. It was exactly what you see out of the movies. My roommate and I both ran up the stairs as fast as we could and got up to the top deck and when we got up to the top deck I was standing near the swimming pools we could see the black smoke coming out of the tail of the ship.You know that is up on the top of the ship.
Manley: Yea, so did you think you were going down? Like it was Titanic part two?
Katie: I mean we, I definitely had my life jacket with me and I was like ready to run wherever I needed to go. It was definitely scary.
Manley: So at what point did things get really crazy?
Katie Umm..
Manley: Like did it go from like the first night it was kind of funny and everyone was like stealing the rum out of the dining halls and then by like day three people were contemplating who they were going to kill and cannibalize?
Katie: Yea that was actually a big mistake I think Carnival did on this whole deal. I think it was day two they decided to open up all the free beer and wine and we were already having sanitation problems on the boat with toilets not working and overflowing.
Manley: I’ve been to frat parties like that.
Katie: The boat’s not stabilized because once we lose power the boat tips around from left to right.
Manley: Oh boy..
Katie: and when the boat is tipping so are the toilets and all the sanitation and it’s disgusting. You know a lot of people who drink alcohol and get wasted and throw up and do what they need to do and urinate just adds to the problem. It’s just so gross.
Manley: So you go from just being on the boat stranded to now you have five thousand drunks pooping and peeing in broken toilets.
Katie: (laughs) Yes, yes..
Manley: Have you been to Burning Man? Is it kind of like that?
Katie: (laughs) Yes it is similar, it is so similar. I mean imagine like walking down the hall, I mean you’re like stomping around in a couple inches of brown water, its just nasty.
Manley: Oh my God..
Katie: Yea, its been bad and you know the food has been alright. I’ll say that because they have been getting that from other ships.
Manley: Wait a second, so boats come to your boat and throw some food on, but won’t take anybody home with them?
Katie: No, yea no they were just dropping off medical supplies and food
Manley: Well that’s got to be really kind of annoying. Like hey thanks for the chicken nuggets you think I can get a ride to shore?
Katie: Yea exactly. (laughs)


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