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The first two Infamous games provided me with some of my most memorable gaming moments of last gen. There’s something about being able to live out my childhood fantasies of being a super hero that really struck a chord with me. That being said, when I finally was able to boot up my copy of Sucker Punch’s latest installment in the series, I came in with some pretty high expectations. Thankfully, most of them were met and many of them were exceeded.


Infamous: Second Son is an open-world game that still plays out like a comic book. One that allows you to live out the origin story of new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, a rebellious youngster that turns out to be a Conduit: A person who is able to channel incredible powers, like smoke and neon, to bring justice to his people and expose corrupt government official, Brooke Augustine.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that the ever-so-talented Troy Baker voices Delsin. He shines in just about every line of dialogue that he’s given, especially the ones where he has exchanges with his brother, Reggie, voiced by Travis Willingham. These characters feel real and their chemistry is incredibly solid. I wasn’t surprised to later find out that Troy and Travis are best friends in real life.

Sadly, the rest of the cast isn’t as well utilized as Delsin and Reggie. Supporting characters, like the interesting Abigail “Fetch” Walker, are introduced and then quickly brushed aside. It’s a shame, because these characters really aren’t given a chance to be as memorable or feel as they have as much impact to the story as the ones from previous games in the series.

Let’s talk controls. The game feels beautiful! Even though I was doing a lot of the same things while completing side missions, it never truly felt repetitive to me. I always looked forward to getting to that next batch of enemies, finding that next dead drop, and enjoying exploring the city of Seattle. Second Son isn’t as “snappy” as the first two games, yet everything still felt super intuitive! Within moments of getting my powers I was causing real havoc on my opposition. Even the times I died, it never felt like it was the game’s fault and it made me want to master these controls even more!

Since I brought up beauty, it’d be a crime to not talk about how great this game looks! It’s stunning, really. Everything from: the lighting, the shadows, the water SFX, the draw distance and just how cool it looks when unleashing the vast array of powers Delsin picks up throughout his adventure. If you’re the type of person who likes to show your friends why they should upgrade to current gen, this would be a great title to do that with.

Second Son is really impressive. The city is a huge, incredible playground for you to stomp around in. It plays and looks incredible! Even though I had some gripes with some of the story, it still isn’t enough for me to not recommend this game. Anyone with Sony’s shiny new box should try this one out. I’m giving Infamous: Second Son an 8.5/10.
If you’d like to game with me, my Playstation ID is RansomReynolds


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