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The house band played "Station to Station" perhaps unaware it's about drugs.

By Hayden Wright

After David Bowie’s sudden death in January, the media was flooded with tributes…some perfectly executed, others a bit dodgy. Who knew those early efforts were part of a long, taut windup to the most bonkers tribute of them all—a cover of “Station to Station” by the Republican National Convention house band?

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In the spirit of making America great again, the crew of musicians delighted in the music of a British, cocaine-snorting, gender-nonconforming progressive culture warrior.

The lyrics, which explicitly touch on cocaine use, seemed incompatible with the GOP platform. Later this month Snoop Dogg will headline a post-DNC Convention concert and we’d be shattered if he doesn’t include references to a different recreational pharmaceutical. Your move, Snoop.

This isn’t the first time Bowie’s music factored into the 2016 elections. During the primary against Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders frequently used “Starman” as walk-on and-off music. Bowie himself, avowedly apolitical, might feel a bit uneasy about folks leveraging his catalog to score political points.

Judge for yourself the level of savagery.

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