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Fans want to know when, and Tool wants everyone to chill.

By Amanda Wicks

Tool’s tour in January (and the few additional dates they will be performing throughout October) may have reignited the long simmering question about when fans can expect a new album. But, frankly, the band is tired of hearing it.

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In a newsletter posted to their website, Tool directed a lesson to all the negative fans out there who keep threatening to “jump ship” or who “are over this band” because the wait for a new album goes on. Written by webmaster Blair, but with each member of Tool listed at the bottom of the post, the lengthy diatribe advises anyone who wants to be negative to rethink their attitude. “This newsletter is about positive thinking versus negative thinking,” Blair wrote. “It’s also about cleansing negative energy and boosting positive energy. When it comes to the subject of the new Tool album, even though those whose negative thoughts and actions (running from pessimistic to antagonistic) are in the small minority, their negative attitudes are having consequences that extend far beyond the next Tool record.”

Blair went on to recount a time he and his companion LaraLee ate at Arby’s. LaraLee’s order came out wrong, and Blair felt justified to “storm the counter” and take out his animosity on the employee who took their order. But he didn’t. “Just when I though that I was going to take the brunt of the Arby’s guy’s error, something rather amazing happened,” he wrote. “It turned out that LaraLee really liked the sandwich, in fact, much more so than what she ordered! She also became a big fan of the potato cakes – right there on the spot – and said that she would order them along with the same sandwich the next time we materialized there.”

Sometimes by avoiding negative reactions or behavior, something positive can happen.

According to the post, a new Tool album is on the way, but fans need to start taking the band’s word for it. Over the course of 2016, members have each shared in various ways that new music is coming. Fans quick to cry wolf are part of the problem. Blair advised, “Don’t let those negative thoughts and that defeatist attitude get the best of you. Visualize them just rolling off you like water rolls off a duck’s back.”

He ended, writing, “Remember: thoughts have energy. Make sure your thoughts are positive… or all hell’s gonna break loose.”

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