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I seriously was having THIS EXACT conversation LAST NIGHT with Pauly… I know, we have really interesting conversations when we’re not on the air, but The Sun UK has finally figured out why soda is just better when you get it from McDonald’s. Pauly and I just assumed the reason was they dumped extra sugar in it, even the Diet Coke.

But it turns out that’s not it. McDonald’s just gave an answer of WHY their soda tastes better than anyone else’s.

Here are their four reasons:

1. They keep their machines, syrups, and soda water ice cold. Other places have their syrup and machines at room temperature, and their soda water isn’t quite that cold.

2. They use special machines that are constantly re-circulating the soda water to keep it the perfect temperature . . . and to make sure it has the exact right level of carbonation.

3. They invest in expensive water filtration systems, so the water won’t have any aftertaste that could affect the soda.

4. And their giant, wide straws give you bigger sips so, quote, “the taste can hit all your taste buds.” That one sounds made up. But I’ll buy the other three.

(The Sun)


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