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"The deluxe album will be neck-and-neck with California. It’s in no way fillers.

By Robyn Collins

When Blink-182 was nominated for best rock album at the 2017 GRAMMY Awards for California, it signified one of the most epic comebacks in recent music memory.

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Even guitarist and vocalist Mark Hoppus can’t believe how big 2016 was for the band, “As long as Blink has been around and with all the drama we have a number one album, we have the biggest tour of our career and we have a GRAMMY nomination. It’s insane to me,” reports Billboard.

Particularly interesting is that fans are requesting new songs, as well as the old, Hoppus shared, “We started touring before the album came out. We had a single that came out, we leaked another song, leaked another song. I think that by the time that the album actually hit there were three songs out and we had already kind of started touring. And people were asking for more and more new songs.

“With a brand-new record, typically people still want to hear mostly old stuff and maybe one or two songs from a new album, but on this tour specifically, people were asking every single show for more and more new songs. So by the end of the tour we were playing probably about almost half of the album as part of the tour.”

Said drummer Travis Barker: “I think that’s the biggest compliment and reassurance is we’d play our set and people would be screaming and it’d be something like, ‘Play more new s—.’ People are even calling out, ‘Play ‘California,’’ ‘Play ‘Sober,’’ naming songs off the new album. Usually people, even me, I’m guilty, when I go see someone I’m like, ‘I want them to play this record or stuff from this album.’ That was when we really knew that we won and made an incredible album, when fans that had been with us for years and years came out on this tour and would request more new material.”

Regarding the upcoming deluxe album of California Blink-182 says the release will feature new songs and mixes that practically make it a new album. During the recording sessions, Barker expressed his concern. with producer John Feldmann.

“I was like, ‘Dude, we got a problem, the deluxe album might even be better than California.’ It’s a good problem to have, but, oh s—, it’s incredible. It’s kind of like a mind f— because it should almost be a new album. But it just goes to show how natural and organic things are happening and how fun this process has been because it’s not hard to go write great songs and make fun music that we love creating and listening to. And the results are great. The deluxe album will be neck-and-neck with California. It’s in no way fillers.”


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