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By Amanda Wicks

When Maynard James Keenan isn’t busy with Tool and his more recent musical project Puscifer, he spends his time overseeing the vineyard he owns in Arizona and its associated winery Caduceus Cellars. And it turns out his interest in wine has a lot to do with self-sustainability and survival, especially in the Trump era.

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Speaking with The Guardian, Keenan says his vineyard, Merkin Vineyards, teaches people to live off the land. “We’re explaining to them how most small areas throughout any era survived dictators, kings, queens, presidents, fascists,” he explains. “Small rural areas survived a lot of that crap because they know how to feed themselves, they know how to get out of the rain.”

Keenan adds that his family had their own garden when he was growing up, and that’s why he relocated from Los Angeles to Arizona. He’s prepared should the worst happen. “Nobody’s coming to your rescue,” he says. “If these things are true, all [the things] the doomsayers and all the naysayers are saying in the press about this presidency…you have to default back to what really matters, what truly keeps you connected, and learn how to not only survive yourself, but to help your neighbors survive.”

Keenan isn’t sure what’s going to happen under Trump’s administration, but he thinks the country is bound for a large upset. “If you study history at all, the U.S. is long overdue for a fall,” he says. “So you know, just keeping that in mind … I’m not being a doomsayer, it’s just that changes occur, it’s what happens. If you want to enter the proverbial, metaphorical kingdom of heaven – which to me just means ‘survive’ – if you want to survive this storm, [you need to] understand what a storm is. You need to understand how to survive it. It’s simple. Grow your own f—ing food. Don’t rely on someone else to make it for you. Don’t rely on somebody else to build your house for you, don’t rely on someone else to bring water to you.”

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