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Just because their music is more mature doesn't mean they don't enjoy a little sophomoric humor.

By Jay Tilles

Last week, All Time Low released “Dirty Laundry,” the first single from their new album Last Young Renegade, and fans quickly noticed that the pop-punk foursome from Maryland has matured. With well-crafted lyrics and a bigger sound, the band has taken the next logical step in their musical evolution.

Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat discussed the new song. “‘Dirty Laundry’ is about coming to terms with your demons and realizing that everybody has a past, and it’s not always golden,” says Gaskarth. “People make mistakes. People do things they regret and that’s part of accepting people for who they are.”

According to Gaskarth, the shoot for the song’s music video almost took a turn for the worse during the shooting of the final scene. At the end of a long, single-take shot, Gaskarth takes his laundry out of the drier, walks out of the laundromat, gets in his Mustang and drives away. The problem was that he wasn’t prepared for the vintage car’s lack of power steering. Overcompensating, the singer turned onto the street so sharply that he almost hit the curb, jerking the car straight again at the last second. Thankfully, the everyone got a good laugh out of his brief scare.

When asked if they thought fans would take a cue from the song’s title and start hurling dirty laundry onto the stage during their upcoming tour, the two quickly explain that clothes on stage would be nothing new. In fact, the band has been the recipient of thousands of bras thrown their way.

“We’ve been getting bras thrown at us since we were, like, eighteen,” jokes Barakat. “We’re pretty used to dirty laundry.” Although memories are foggy, that they only have themselves to blame for the underwear hurling. “We made a joke about it on stage,” recalls Gaskarth. “And someone posted a video online of us talking about it. From then on it just became a ‘thing.’ People starting bringing bras. Now it’s a huge part of our show.” As a result, the band now gauges how successfully they’re connecting with the audience based on the number of bras they receive. “Ten or more and it’s gonna be a great show.”

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