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"It’s interesting because the people who think it’s about them... it’s *not* about them."

By Brian Ives 

K.Flay — aka Kristine Flaherty —went to Stanford University, where she studied psychology and sociology. The former has played into her songwriting a bit: her new song, “High Enough,” is about being content in a relationship.

“I had been thinking there’s so many songs about being high and drunk, whatever, and I’ve even written some of those,” she tells “And I was thinking, ‘What about when you’re just good?’ Like you don’t need anything else, for whatever reason, because of a person or a situation, whatever it is, you feel high, you feel intoxicated, you feel good. And I thought it would be cool to do a love song kind of about not needing anything else.”

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When a writer writes about a specific person in this way, there are often current and former paramours eager to take credit for inspiring the song. She says that that hasn’t happened… at least not with this particular song. “I haven’t had anyone coming out of the woodwork, but definitely [it has happened]  on some past releases. It’s interesting because the people who think it’s about them… it’s not about them. So maybe it’s just some weird narcissism that people have to see themselves in things, which I guess is kind of a human thing. But none of the real motivations have said anything.”

“It doesn’t happen that often,” she points out. “I think I’m pretty clear with people about what’s going on and why things are happening, so, for the most part, I think people know the deal.”

“High Enough” is on K.Flay’s upcoming album, Every Where is Some Where, due out on April 7.

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