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'"Legends' has been declared the official song of the U.S. Olympic Team.

After weeks of social messages teasing Gossip, Sleeping with Sirens have not only announced the new album’s September 22nd street date but they’ve released the first single, “Legends,” an uplifting, motivational track that’s already been declared the official song of the U.S. Olympic Team.

“It’s all still a shock to me,” says frontman Kellin Quinn about Team USA’s adoption of “Legend” as their official song heading into the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, Korea. “I guess when I see it on TV I’ll know that it’s real.” Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Quinn is an avid snowboarder and can’t wait to see his song used in conjunction with the sport.

“Legends is one of the first songs that clicked when we started writing this record,” recalls Quinn. “We started coming up with the music and it had such an epic sound to it. The hook kinda just came to me. I was thinking about everything we’ve been through as a band and the road that we’re trying to travel – and everything that you want to try to do in your life simply as a human being – the lyric, ‘We could be legends after all’ is something that makes a lot of sense because nothing’s guaranteed in life but if you put forth the work and the effort and you try as hard as you can and you follow your dreams then maybe you can make something really awesome happen with your life. That’s basically the idea behind the song.”

“It’s like you can either give up or you can keep working and trying hard—that’s always been the background of our band. I think that’s been our message to everybody. The whole point of life is to get out there and do something important. You only have one life to live so you might as well do whatever you can to make the best of it.” Watch the new lyric video below.

Slated for a September 22nd release, “Gossip is a coming-of-age album,” says Quinn. “I’m 31, Nick’s 34, we’re all getting older. We don’t want to feel like we’re one of those bands that’s trying to live in their 18-year-old bodies. We wanted to make a grown up Sleeping with Sirens album but still had the energy and the vibe that our fans love. We’d just really like our fans to grow with us. That was the intent with this record.”

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