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DAM Video of the Day / 02-15-18
DAM Video of the Day / 02-14-18
DAM Videos of the Day / 02-05-2018So here's a little fun fact about the Blue Jay -- they're really good at mimicking.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 01-26-2018 / Mahoney, Czar of PahrumpOur favorite clips of the week in the Friday Five include Tony Romo's weird noises and Shirley Nash gettin' all fat and sassy.
DAM Videos of the Day / 01-26-2018Have you ever been so hungry you ate on the way home? Well this guy from British Columbia did just that. Except it wasn't his home
DAM Videos of the Day / 01-25-2018A guy smacks molten lava ... with his bare hand!
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 01-24-2018 / I Love You, You Love MeWe have audio of the worst calls to 9-1-1.
DAM Videos of the Day / 01-24-2018This other badass from Australia set a Guinness World Record by making a basketball shot from 660 feet!
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 01-23-2018 / Fat and SassyFind out who won in the Super Stupid Spelling Bee.
DAM Videos of the Day / 01-23-2018An Eagles fan runs into a concrete pole and North Carolina resident is going to get all "fat and sassy" during a winter storm.
Dave and Mahoney Podcast: 01-19-2018 / Extra-crap-ticularThis week's Beer for Breakfast is Yells at Cloud from Mikkeller San Diego Brewery.
DAM Videos of the Day / 01-19-2018Have you ever tried hiding something from your parents? This kid bought a bong online and his mom found out. Watch him act as if he didn't buy a bong online

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