K. Flay Reveals New Song 'Run for Your Life' from 'Tomb Raider' Movie

February 16, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling K. Flay is back, and she's rolling with Lara Croft. Related: Imagine Dragons’ ‘Thunder’ Remixed by K. Flay The GRAMMY nominee has shared new song, "Run for Your Life," a new single from the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot staring Alicia Vikander. "I wrote 'Run for Your Life' in a hotel room in Johnson City, Tennessee, a few hours before my show that night. I think the frantic energy of touring found its way into the track," K. Flay told The Hollywood Reporter. "This track was a new challenge for me — writing a song from a perspective outside my own, trying to capture the spirit and energy of a film I hadn’t seen in full yet. (PS I’ve of course seen it now and it’s awesome)," she added. Listen to "Run for Your Life" below. Tomb Raider hits big-screens across the country on March 16.