Holiday Havoc 2018: Jared Leto: New 30 Seconds to Mars Next Year?

Frontman talks about what compels his music and what's next for the band

December 6, 2018

With careers as long as Jared Leto and Dave Farra, paths are bound to cross several times over the they did again at Holiday Havoc 2018.

Dave reminisced with Jared about their first meeting over 15 years ago and the drive it's taken for Jared and his brother Shannon to get their band this far.  Jared also discusses how he handles challenges in both his acting and musical pursuits.

Of course, the biggest news may be that Jared hopes it won't be another five years before the next 30 Seconds to Mars album hits. No promises -- but listen to the interview. Jared sounds committed to getting new music to the fans at a quicker pace.

We also hear why he thinks Dave and Mahoney are responsible for 30 Seconds to Mars' success.  No, really...seriously!  Check out the complete Holiday Havoc 2018 interview with Jared here.