VIDEO: Mike Shinoda Talks Post Traumatic and Life After Chester

Linkin Park founder: "I feel really grateful."

October 31, 2018

Mike Shinoda is the first to admit it -- the past 18 months have been a deeply personal and "weird journey" that he never saw coming.

After two decades leading Linkin Park, the band he helped form after high school, Shinoda envisioned a very different path forward for his iconic band when the group played their "One More Light" album release show in Las Vegas in May 2017. 

What Shinoda didn't know then was that the show would ultimately be Linkin Park's final full U.S. performance with friend and lead singer Chester Bennington.

Following Bennington's shocking suicide two months later, the "One More Light" tour was cancelled, the band and its fans grieved their loss...and the 41-year-old rock star was suddenly cast into a very uncertain future.

"I got dealt a hand of cards. You have to play it," Shinoda told Ross Mahoney during their in-depth interview in the X107.5 studio this week. 

Shinoda, back in Las Vegas for a show at the House of Blues Wednesday night, said his first solo release, the EP Post Traumatic released in January, was how he sorted out his feelings about the tragedy and began coming to terms with the loss of his friend and bandmate.

"It's like sorting through stuff..I needed to create a new version of normal because things were so upside down," Shinoda said. "I love making music. I love doing what I do...This record, 90 percent of it, was me, by myself, in my studio...that's the way I sat and processed a lot of that stuff."

Mike Shinoda

After creating the EP, the next step was getting back on stage, which became another plunge into the unknown for the rock veteran.

"In the beginning, I decided to do some shows completely by myself. I did that to get a sense of who I was and who I wanted to be on stage without anybody else," Shinoda said.

Shinoda talked about the process of getting back on the road and thanked the Linkin Park faithful for helping him heal and forge a new path ahead.  

"I feel really grateful to be able to do what I do and for all the support of people like these fans, who have literally kept me going this past year," Shinoda said.

Shinoda also took time during his stop at X107.5 to dig into his own playlist and feature some favorite new tracks from other artists, including songs from upcoming Holiday Havoc artists Bishop Briggs and Grandson.

And you haven't really enjoyed a Mike Shinoda interview until you hear Mike and Ross dissect Briggs' hair stylings as well as Shinoda's amusing first meeting with his starstruck neighbor Grandson!

Check out the video above to see Ross Mahoney's complete interview with Mike Shinoda.