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Mahoney and Ian feel the need...the need for speed

Happy Friday from The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show! We celebrated by playing Where in the World is Shirtless Dave Farra and with an all new Blooper Reel. Mahoney and Audrey were insistent that it was a flawless week, but Ian proved them wrong. Mahoney and Ian flipped out over the new Top Gun:... Read More

Where in the world is Dave Farra?

On today's Dave and Mahoney Morning Show we played a new game called Where in the World is Shirtless Dave Farra. He has been on vacation for the last week traveling the world and taking his shirt off for Instagram. Where will he go next? Mahoney also admitted that his wife found a naked picture of... Read More

Mahoney can't unsee what he saw in that movie theater

Mahoney went to an early movie yesterday and got quite the show from a couple sitting in the same row. Mahoney and Audrey both think he should have said something, but Ian disagreed. We also had an all new edition of Dirty Laundry. This week a man told Ian his biggest fear, but Ian needed a bit... Read More
Shirtless talk

Mahoney Talks Shirtless Photos and Lays Down the Bird Law

Dave decided to flex on social media and post some shirtless photos while he's on vacation, this got the rest of the show talking about the wrong and right times to show off the pecs. We also talked about police in Tennessee who are asking the public to not flush their meth down the toilet. They... Read More

Mahoney says 'If you like it, you should put a ring (camera) on it'

Happy Amazon Prime Day from The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show! Ian got himself a Kindle, Audrey's putting her husband in control of their cart and Mahoney plans to make his house the smartest and most equipped his neighborhood has ever seen. We also talked about the million people who have RSVP'd... Read More

Dave and Mahoney Know How to Celebrate on a Friday

Captain Mahoney donned the cape yet again for another Dave and Mahoney Morning Show and his trusty sidekicks Audrey and Ian were along for the ride. On today's show, we talked about "Chance the Snapper," a 5-foot alligator that was let loose in a Chicago lagoon, a woman who stabbed her boyfriend... Read More

Dave and Mahoney Hit You With the Hard News

With Dave out, Mahoney was the captain on today's Dave and Mahoney Morning Show. Luckily we had Audrey in again to help us along. We had audio of a short man flipping out in a NY bagel shop and you won't believe how it ends We also had an all new Redneck Report which featured a man exposing his... Read More

See a Free 311 Concert This Saturday

311 last touched down in the Silver State to play last December's X107.5 Holiday Havoc...and if seven months is too long to go between seeing Nick and the guys live, then all you've got to do is wait right here until Saturday. The band announced they'll be live streaming the Pittsburgh stop on... Read More

The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show Gets Passive Aggressive

Do you have a particularly passive aggressive way to get back at someone? Maybe it's an annoying neighbor or a terrible coworker. We wanted to hear your pettiest methods and we got some amazing responses. Ian also talked with a young femme fatale in this week's all new Dirty Laundry. We also helped... Read More

The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show Want to Talk Embarrassing Parents

Have your parents ever embarrassed you in public? Maybe YOU are the embarrassing parent? We wanted to know either way on today's Dave and Mahoney Morning Show. We also put Mahoney to the test in an all new Are You Smarter Than A Community College Dropout. He won last week, did he make it two wins... Read More