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@DaveAndMahoney: Prank Wars

Have you ever pulled a GLORIOUS prank on a family member? Maybe you've been pranked hard? Share your story to the socials, @DaveAndMahoney. It's Friday and the show has worked EXTRA hard this week. No slip ups at all... just kidding. @Ian_E_Radio caught them all on the Blooper Reel. Hearing the... Read More
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#BeerForBreakfast: Bells Best Brown Ale

Bell’s Best Brown Ale The Bell’s Best Brown Ale has 5.8% ABV and 187 calories and 16 carbs per can. It’s being served from a 12oz aluminum can; this brown ale was brewed just over 3 months ago but Bell’s says this particular ale is best consumed within 6 months.. The beer was was priced at 9.99 a... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: Do You Have An Awful Ride Share Story?

Have you ever been in the back of a ride share (or cab) and your driver was a little.... different? Maybe you drive people around for your job and you've experienced some funny customers!? Share your story with us on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. We don't know how he does it, but @Ian_E_Radio has... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: Vegas Golden Knights Fans Are HEATED

Breaking news came through this morning! Vegas Gold Knights have fired their head coach, Gerard Gallant. He will be replaced by Peter DeBoer. Fans have mixed feelings.... let us know what you think about this change on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. To add to the dramatics, this morning's Alternative... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: If You Had To Fight One Animal Naked...

The guys want to know the answers to real important questions. Like, if you had to fight one animal naked which one would be the absolute WORST one to fight? Submit your answers to our socials @DaveAndMahoney or @X1075. In 2020 we are finding that Karen's around the globe are still complaining and... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: Do You Have A Weird Side Hustle Job?

Have you or a family member ever had a weird side hustle job? Let us know on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. This morning Travis took down @MahoneySucks in, Are You Smarter Than A Community College Dropout, continuing Mahoney's losing streak for 2020. Andrew was able to guess Who Had The Warrant out... Read More
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You Can Spend Almost $80K To Grow Taller

Plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Debiparshad founded The LimbplastX Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2018 to create a business centered around limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery. Debiparshad told Insider that since opening The LimbplastX Institute, he's worked with more than 30 people to make them taller... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: Know Someone Who Spends WAY Too Much Money?

We all know that one person who spends WAY too much money on the most ridiculous things, right? Maybe you're the ridiculous spender? This morning, we found out that @AudreyOnAir may beat @MahoneySucks on ridiculous spending habits. Share your story with us on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. The #... Read More

#BeerForBreakfast: Founders CBS, Canadian Breakfast Stout

Founders CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout) THE CBS has 11.3% ABV. Served from a 12oz Brown Bottle. It was priced at $20.99 for a 4 pack. Proper Glassware: A Standard Pint Glass Serve @: 50-55°F Look: The CBS pours a deep black with hints of mahogany around the edges of the glass when held to a light... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: People Seriously do THAT In Public?

Well apparently it is really rude to talk on your phone while checking out at the grocery store. @DaveFarra and @AudreyOnAir do this all the time. @MahoneySucks and @Ian_E_Radio say they are the worst for doing this in public. What are some things you've seen people do that you cannot believe they... Read More