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Cute dog asking for food. Maltese, dinner.

What Thanksgiving Scraps Can I Give My Dog?

I know, I know. It's nearly impossible to ignore those cute little eyes and the little fake cries of a pet who just wants a bite (or 10) of what ever is on your plate. However, especially this time of year, there are some things floating around the dinner table that will make your friend extremely... Read More

DAM Moments

People are freaky even around the holidays. Missed Connection Inspection / 11-20-2018 We play Lazy Bonez Mazhonez: Holiday Edition Lazy Bonez Mahonez / 11-20-2018 The best covers ever ... maybe. It's Cover Your Ears! Cover Your Ears / 11-20-2018 Maybe Ian IS the reason... this guy eating raw turkey... Read More

Apparently, Everyone Has Been Saying Blink-182 Wrong

A debate recently ensued about how we should be saying Blink-182 . You probably read that as “Blink One Eighty Two,” right? WRONG! The argument began online when British fans, who typically say it as “Blink One Eight Two,” realized that American fans say it differently. Although biscuits vs cookies... Read More
Barns Courtney

EXCLUSIVE: The Moment When Barns Courtney Was Most Starstruck

Barns Courtney ’s following has been growing ever since the release of his 2017 debut album, The Attractions of Youth , featuring the recognizable singles “Fire” and “Glitter & Gold.” We asked the singer-songwriter to think even bigger – about opening for big-name artists and the moment when he... Read More

The Beatdown w/ Pauly - Week of 11/19/2018

If you're not near a radio in Las Vegas, tune into X107.5 using the ALL NEW app on your smart device! It's all about New Music in THE BEATDOWN w/ Pauly Kover , weeknights at 9PM on X107.5. We play NEW songs back-to-back and then YOU get to vote. Winner moves on to the next night against... Read More
Santana at Woodstock

Plans For 50th Anniversary Woodstock Reportedly Underway

The 50th anniversary of one of the most important cultural events in U.S. history is fast-approaching, and it doesn’t look like the occasion will pass quietly. Another edition of Woodstock is reportedly in the works. Original promoter Michael Lang told The Poughkeepsie Journal in upstate New York... Read More
actor Mark Hamill visits Galaxy's Edge, the new Star Wars-themed land

Disney's New 'Star Wars' Theme Parks Will Blow Fans Away

Star Wars fans aren’t going to be able to contain themselves when they get to step into the universe they’ve been watching on the big screen for all these years. Disney is updating the progress on its ambitious new theme park: Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge. One will open at Disneyland in California in... Read More