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modern times

#BEERFORBREAKFAST: Modern Times Mythic Worlds IPA

Modern Times - Mythic Worlds IPA The Mythic World’s IPA is the current seasonal offering from Modern Times and has 7.5% ABV and 50 IBUs and is being served today from an 16oz tall silver aluminum can that came in a four pack. Look: Mythic Worlds pours a very cloudy golden yellowish orange with... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: Know Someone Being Fake On Social Media?

Episode 981: Photoshop, Money Flexing, and The Person Who's Married but Acts Single... We All Know That ONE Fake Person On Social Media. Call out the fakes you know and send it to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney. Speaking of being married and acting single, there's a LOT of that happening on... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: What Expensive Thing Did You Break?

Episode 980: Have you ever broken something SUPER expensive while at work? Maybe you're like @AudreyOnAir's friend who broke a military plane worth MILLIONS. Share your story with us to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney. The #KarenChronicles are back and today we are introduced to the male version of a... Read More
hate chores

@DaveAndMahoney: What Are You Good At But Hate Doing?

Are you really good at cleaning but you HATE doing it? Or maybe you're like @MahoneySucks and really good at your hobby... but EVERYONE wants you to do that hobby for them for free. Send your love hate relationship to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney. It's Friday and we thought we would celebrate a... Read More
rogue Newport nights

#BEERFORBREAKFAST: Rogue Newport Nights

Rouge Newport Nights West Coast IPA Rouge’s Newport Nights IPA has 9.8% ABV and 60 IBUs (International Bitterness Units). This beer is being served from a 16oz can that one of the best designed 80’s Miami Vice themed pieces of art I’ve ever seen on a beer car. It was priced at 10.99 for a 4 pack of... Read More
treat yo self

@DaveAndMahoney: TREAT YO SELF

How do you treat yo self? Share your best day EVER to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney. Speaking of best day ever... @Ian_E_Radio's probably includes going out and talking to strangers that could possibly stab him. Today's #DirtyLaundry involves a character who argues with Ian about the Earth being... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: What Are Your Pet Peeves

Someone chewing with their mouth open, clicking of pens, what's your biggest pet peeve? Submit your annoyances to our socials, @DaveAndMahoney. Today, @DaveFarra and @MahoneySucks gave Listener Karen her first thespian experience. She was a total #AlternativeTheater PRO!! Check out any content you... Read More
Silversun Pickups Studio X

Studio X: Silversun Pickups

Silversun Pickups stopped by Studio X to play a handful of songs for X107.5 listeners and Brian even got to brag to everyone about winning the Academy Awards pool with the band. Check out their performance of Panic Switch (above) plus It Doesn't Matter, Freakazoid and Don't Know Yet (below). See... Read More