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Audrey Met Lewis Capaldi And Cried For 45 Minutes

Alright, so let me tell you about the time I cried in front of Lewis Capaldi in a "I feel like 2007 Britney" t-shirt. I know. The whole scene totally screams emotional instability. So I am a huge fan of Lewis and could probably be the president of his fan club. I know every song on his Devinely... Read More

Dave Is Banned from Blockbuster For LIFE

We find out about crazy things people have done to get kicked out of places.... and even find out that Dave has been banned from Blockbuster for LIFE. The morning show plays "Who's Got the Warrant" and Audrey for sure that it was the dude with no teeth. Read More

Dave and Mahoney Love Petty Revenge

The Dave and Mahoney morning show gave some fake news today with Fake News Farra.There were a LOT of upset Karen's writing bad yelp review, but one in particular said she would rather eat in a stall with a hobo going #2 than go back to this restaraunt. Rednecks going crazy in Florida and do... Read More

Cirque and Life is Beautiful Make Memorable Moments Together

The most memorable moments at Life is Beautiful are the ones that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Sure, a band will play the same songs at another festival, but they’ll never be able to do it with some of the best acrobats, aerialists, and dancers in the world. Since launching in 2013, Life is... Read More

Four Art Attractions You’ll Love at Life is Beautiful 2019

In 2013, Life is Beautiful imagined the then-barren walls of Downtown Las Vegas as an open canvas, bringing in internationally-acclaimed artists to literally paint the town. Now, seven years later, the DTLV streets are a walking gallery filled with glowing murals, skyscraping paintings, and... Read More

Dave and Mahoney Talk Hilarious Road Rage

Dave and Mahoney started off this week with an all new round of Are You Smarter Than a Community College Dropout. Kristen's working on her degree in economics and Mahoney doesn't really work on anything so who do you think pulled out the win? We also had all new editions of Tipsy or Toddler, the... Read More