Model Raises Almost $1 Million For Australia Via Nudes

January 6, 2020
model australia

LA model, Kaylen Ward, or known now as, "The Naked Philanthopist", on twitter has promised to send all donators to the brush fire relief in Australia nudes. 


What's crazy is that her tweet reached 120,000+ likes and 56,000 retweets all sharing and proving their donation reciepts in the comment section. In her initial tweet she said a minimum $10 donation would get you one nude. Since January 3rd she's managed to raise close to $1 million in relief to a disaster that has killed over half a billion animals due to the worst brush fire season in Australian history. 

Since the tweet, Kaylen has had people cyber bullying her for her decision to raise money via nudes. 

Her instagram has also been deleted for content some may see as innapropriate. 

Dispite all of this, Kaylen has done so much to help the relief fund and there are many who are behind her fund raising tactics. 

One person said Ward was "literally doing more for Australia than their own prime minister".

Another said: "Not all heroes wear capes, some wear nothing at all."