Post Malone Gets New Face Tattoo And Falls Off Stage

January 2, 2020
post malone tattoo

I am definitely one of those people who thinks Posty has had a FANTASTIC glow up, but after this new face tattoo I'm hopping off the wagon. 


Listen, I'm a lover of tattoos! Even the very visible neck, hands, or casual face tatoo... I'M HERE FOR IT!! But, when you start getting the tattoos that cover your entire face I can no longer stan. I mean, is he ever going to stop? Is his whole face going to be covered by the end of 2020? Did you decide this was a good idea after a case of Budlight, sir? I have so many questions.

Speaking of Post's favorite drink of choice, Budlight, on New Years Eve Post fell off the stage while preforming before the ball dropped. (All of this happened after the face tattoo. I feel like this was the universe telling him he made a bad choice.)


We've all been there, stumbling and fumbling after a few bevies... but not on live national television?! He recovered with a smile, but I know rubbing his newly tatted cheek up against that security guard as he's being picked up like a baby back on stage HAD to hurt.