You Can Spend Almost $80K To Grow Taller

Would you spend money to add some height?

January 13, 2020
tall guy

Plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Debiparshad founded The LimbplastX Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2018 to create a business centered around limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery. Debiparshad told Insider that since opening The LimbplastX Institute, he's worked with more than 30 people to make them taller.

According to Debiparshad, many patients — surgeons, lawyers, and venture capitalists among them — come to him as "fairly successful people career-wise, but they have feelings of lacking" when it comes to height. 

"They think if they can modify this one complaint, it can make their life complete in some way," Debiparshad said, adding that post-surgery they thank him for making their lives better because they feel less insecure.

Most of Debiparshad's patients have been men, he said, but he's also had some women who want to add height to their appearances.



Okay, is being taller really this big of a deal? IS IT WORTH ALMOST $80K??? I'm going to be quite honest, I've never thought.... "Wow! That guy is under 6 foot tall. No thanks!" My husband is like 5'10. I'm as tall as him in some heels (that I wore back in college because lord knows I'm not wearing 4 inch heels anymore. The thought makes my feet hurt.) 

Since Dr. Kevin opened his practice he has made almost $300,000 off this procedure alone. I'm sure he does more than just weird lets break your legs and hope you grow and inch plastic surgeries. So, it's safe to say Doc is ROLLING in the dough. Speaking of breaking your legs... could you image actually coughing up the money to do this procedure? Like what kind of insecurities do you have to have to get this done? Honestly, therapy is MUCH cheaper.