Holiday Havoc 2018: Young the Giant Love Breaking Bad...Who Knew?

Sameer and Payam talk TV, clothes and Vegas with Dave and Mahoney

December 7, 2018

So, exactly where is the store that all rock stars frequent for their cutting edge wardrobes?

Sameer Gadhia and his bandmate Payam Doostzadeh from Young the Giant may not have the address...but Sameer certainly knows the area, even if he isn't telling.

The guys hung out with Dave & Mahoney before taking the stage at Holiday Havoc 2018 and talked about everything from creating their unique Young the Giant live vibe to the guys' rock star travels through Las Vegas.

And yeah, they love "Breaking Bad" too. See? Who says rock stars aren't just like the rest of us? Wardrobe excluded, of course.

Check out the complete interview now.