#BEERFORBREAKFAST: Rogue Newport Nights

Rogue Newport Nights IPA

February 14, 2020
rogue Newport nights

Rouge Newport Nights West Coast IPA

Rouge’s Newport Nights IPA has 9.8% ABV and 60 IBUs (International Bitterness Units). This beer is being served from a 16oz can that one of the best designed 80’s Miami Vice themed pieces of art I’ve ever seen on a beer car. It was priced at 10.99 for a 4 pack of pints. 

Proper Glassware: Pint Glass or a Mug

Serve @: 45-50°F

Look: Newport Nights pours a mostly clear mix of yellow with a slight amber hue. With a a normal pour I achieved about 3 fingers of white cloud-like head that held it’s retention for quite some time and left behind quite a bit of sticky lacing around my glass. 

Smell: There is a big dank El Dorrado hop aroma that is fairly pungent. That was followed by a light hint of citrus and a light presence of alcohol.

Taste: I was pretty surprised at the first taste of Rouge’s Newport Nights West Coast IPA. Even though when you look it looks like a normal DIPA but it drinks very much like a hazy but it’s incredibly juicy and fruity. Big flavors of grapefruit and mango that are balanced out nicely by a BIG presence of piney hops. 

Feel: Light to Medium bodied, Smooth. Refreshing.

Drinkability: I ’m usually somewhat reserved about having new craft beer drinkers start out with a West Coast IPA because the hops could overwhelm them. This is almost a mix of East and West Coast IPAs. Big Hops but balanced with Big Juice. At almost 10% ABV it’s super crushable so be careful. But overall this is a fantastic IPA.


4.25 out of 5 on the Mahoney’s Beer Scale of Supremacy