MJ's Corner: Cecilia Rocks!

An X1075 listener's 5-yr-old daughter stole the airwaves

April 20, 2018

"I had an awesome winner JODEE score UNLVINO tickets last week, but it was her 5-yr-old daughter that stole the airwaves, chiming in in the background with giggles and comments. When I started chatting with the girl, she told me her name was Cecilia, and I said, we play this really cool song called "Cecilia and the Satellite" (Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness). She squealed, "That's my song!!" So I played it for her -- then got this adorably sweet message and picture from her mother. It really made my day as much as it made hers. Sometimes, it's the little things that make this job so special. Shout out to all our little listeners!"