The X-Effect Playlist: 10pm - Midnight - 10/21/2018

2 Hours of New and Local Music!

October 21, 2018

If you're not near a radio in Las Vegas, tune into X107.5 using the ALL NEW app on your smart device!


1 Papa Roach “Who Do You Trust?”

2 Ballyhoo! “Detonate” (X-Effect Debut)

3 Fitness “Cold Rain” (current Champion of The Beatdown)

4 Keuning “Restless Legs” (X-Effect Debut)

5 Big Data “Monster”

6 Muse “Pressure”

7 The Moth & The Flame “The New Great Depression”

8 Just Loud ft Debbie Harry “Soul Train”

9 Lion “Oh No”

10 Sigrid “Sucker Punch”

11 Winnetka Bowling League “On The 5”

12 Tom Morello ft Portugal. The Man “Every Step That I Take”

13 Morgxn ft Nick Petricca “Home”

14 Sublime With Rome “Badfish” (from their LIVE Studio X performance)

15 Sublime With Rome “Wicked Heart” (from their LIVE Studio X performance)

16 Imagine Dragons “Zero” 

17 Magic Bronson “Electrify” 



LOCAL – Mother Mercury “The Maze” (Local Effect Debut)

LOCAL – Rabid Young “Voices”

3 Hippo Campus “Bambi”

4 Shinedown “Get Up” (X-Effect Debut)

5 Silversage “Wake Up” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee)

6 Death Cab For Cutie “Northern Lights”

7 Watsky “All Like Whatever”

8 Madyx “Girl Boy” (X-Effect Debut)

9 Arkells “Relentless”

10 Brockhampton “San Marcos”

11 Cautious Clay “Blood Type” (former Champion of The Beatdown)

12 Arctic Monkeys “Tranquility Base Hotel Casino”

13 Brick + Mortar “Saturday Night”

14 Gang Of Youths “Let Me Down Easy”

15 Mikey Mike “Cooler” (former Champion of The Beatdown)

16 Don Broco “Come Out To LA” (X-Effect Debut)

17 ??? (Throwback Track)



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