The X-Effect Playlist: 10pm - Midnight - 11/25/2018

2 Hours of New and Local Music!

November 25, 2018

If you're not near a radio in Las Vegas, tune into X107.5 using the ALL NEW app on your smart device!


1 Bad Suns “Away We Go”

2 Weathers “Problems” 

3 The New Tarot “The Heat” (X-Effect Debut) 

4 Mikey Mike “Cooler” (former Champion of The Beatdown) 

5 Ballyhoo! “I Don’t Wanna Go” 

6 Deadmau5 ft Lights “Drama Free” 

7 Don Broco “Come Out To LA”

8 The Driver Era “Low” 

9 Culture Wars “Bones” (X-Effect Debut)

10 Morgxn ft Nick Petricca “Home” 

11 The Frights “Over It”

12 Robert Delong “First Person On Earth” 

13 Madyx “Girl Boy” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

14 The Smashing Pumpkins “Knights Of Malta”

15 Mother Mother “Get Up”

16 Dear Rouge “Little By Little” 



LOCAL – Holes And Hearts “Pictures Of You” (The Cure cover)

LOCAL – Parade Of Lights “Tidal Waves” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee)

3 Imagine Dragons “Zero” 

4 Katastro “Fake Smile” 

5 Bad Religion “My Sanity” (X-Effect Debut)

6 Big Data “Monster” 

7 Trapdoor Social “Hold Me Down” (current Champion of The Beatdown) 

8 Awolnation ft Elohim “Table For One” 

9 Said The Whale “UnAmerican” 

10 Palaye Royale “You’ll Be Fine” (X-Effect Debut)

11 Mo ft Mark Foster “Blur” 

12 Fidlar “Can’t You See” 

13 Kyle Nicolaides “American Hymns”

14 Houses “Fast Talk"

15 Coin “Simple Romance”



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