The X-Effect Playlist: 10pm - Midnight - 12/16/2018

2 Hours of New and Local Music plus a Beatdown HOF Showcase!

December 16, 2018

If you're not near a radio in Las Vegas, tune into X107.5 using the ALL NEW app on your smart device!


1 AFI “Get Dark”

2 Cautious Clay ft Hudson Mohawke “REASONS”

3 Big Data “Monster” 

4 Gerard Way “Dasher” (X-Effect Debut / X-mas X-tra)

5 Broken Bells “Shelter” 

6 The Strumbellas “Salvation”  

7 Mo ft Mark Foster “Blur” 

8 Matt Maeson “Cringe” (X-Effect Debut) 

9 SWMRS “April In Houston” (current Champion of The Beatdown) 

10 Morgxn ft Nick Petricca “Home” (former Champion of The Beatdown) 

11 Trapdoor Social “Hold Me Down” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

12 FITNESS “Matter Of Time” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

13 Stokeswood “Walls” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

14 Everlast “Don’t Complain” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

15 KITTEN “I Did It” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee)



LOCAL – Holes And Hearts “Spinning” (Local Effect Debut) 

LOCAL – Silversage “Wake Up” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

3 MADYX “Girl Boy” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee)

4 Parade Of Lights “Tidal Waves” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee) 

5 Cemetery Sun “Stay A While” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee)

6 ORGY “Army To Your Party” (The Beatdown 2018 HOF Inductee)  

7 Alice Merton “Funny Business” (X-Effect Debut) 

8 Culture Wars “Bones” 

9 Velvet Starlings “It’s Christmas Time (Winter Paradise)” (X-mas X-tra) 

10 Oliver Tree “Hurt” (X-Effect Debut) 

11 Weathers “Problems” 

12 Palaye Royale “You’ll Be Fine” 

13 Memory Bells “Day at a Time” (playing Beauty Bar 12/20) 



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