Ross Mahoney Talks to The Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland

Now a Solo Act, The Crystal Method Makes 'The Trip Home'

September 30, 2018
Ross Interviews The Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland

There’s something about hearing Crystal Method’s “Name of the Game” that fires up your brain like a Red Bull. 

All of a sudden you feel a rush over your body as the track conjures memories of Wesley Snipes beating vampire ass to the tune of the song in Blade 2 (maybe that’s just us) or better yet, memories of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan taking down classic Las Vegas venues like House of Blues or Rain Nightclub back in the day. 

That Kirkland and Jordan first paired in 1990s Las Vegas only sweetens the feeling—the duo deserve their place in the pantheon of local acts made good, right alongside The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and others who arrived via the off-Strip club scene. 

After Jordan announced he was retiring from the duo—“Very happily, by the way,” according to Kirkland—in 2017, we feared The Crystal Method would be history as well. Fortunately, Kirkland is continuing the journey, with a new album titled The Trip Home.

“It sometimes can be grueling on the road and going into the studio staring at blank screens,” he explained in an interview with X 107.5. “I’m happily moving forward with great enthusiasm and so happy to be back in my hometown.”

Kirkland’s Crystal Method may be a solo act, but The Trip Home is stacked with guest appearances, including Teflon Sega, Delila Paz, Amy Kirkpatrick, and another hometown music hero, singer and guitarist Franky Perez. The Apocalyptica and Scars on Broadway alum guests on new track “There’s a Difference.”

“Franky is one of the kindest, most beautiful people I know, he’s pure to his core,” complimented Kirkland. “He’s someone who brings a smile to my face every time I see him.”

The Trip Home is just the beginning of Kirkland’s Crystal Method comeback. While he hits the road to promote the album, he’s preparing a follow-up, The Trip Out, for release in 2019.