Sound House 2019: Billie Eilish on Star Texting, Her Life-Changing Moment and Her First Solo Shopping Trip

We play Counting with Billie...and the conversation goes EVERYWHERE!

September 23, 2019

Billie Eilish doesn't get a lot of time to herself these days. But when the uber-talented teen pop star recently found a few minutes alone, she actually embarked on her first solo shopping trip ever...and most of her fans would probably be shocked where she ended up!

It's just one of the fun and enlightening moments we had when one of the music world's fastest rising artists stopped by Sound House 2019 at Inspire Nightclub in Las Vegas for a wide-ranging interview.

We play Counting with Billie as she reeled off illuminating lists of her biggest musical influences, favorite clothing brands (and Colgate!) and even dove deep into her phone to tell us the last few famous people she's been texting (including a few fellow music heavyweights).

We even got a cameo appearance by Billie's mom Maggie Baird to help out with a few words to describe her suddenly famous daughter.

In honor of Climate Strike week, Billie also offers up her suggestions on how every person can help save the planet.

Billie's conversation with Heather Collins went in some interesting directions. Prompted by a question about what the now-famous singer misses about her pre-fame life, Billie talks about a major life event that happened just a day prior: her first trip to the store on her own. Like, ever! 

"It was a very big deal to me," Billie laughs. "I drove myself alone. I parked in the lot alone. I went to Bath and Body Works!"

And in case you think fame and money may have already changed her atitudes and behaviors Bilie assures us that she's more than willing to take a store employee's advice on her to save herself $10 off her purchase!

Watch the complete interview with Billie Eilish now -- and be sure to check out the rest of our Sound House 2019 coverage.