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Here's Everything Coming to Netflix in March 2019

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix in March

Over 60 Netflix originals will hit the streaming service in March, marking the biggest month on record in terms of original content being rolled out. More than a handful of brand new titles will be arriving soon, including After Life with British funnyman Ricky Gervais and Turn Up Charlie starring... Read More

DAM Moments

Kim Kardashian wants to do ... what?? Find out in Bleeped BS Bleeped BS / 02-21-2019 Would you believe a young woman stabbed her boyfriend because he didn't like her selfie within 10 minutes? Check Out Fake News Farra Fake News Farra / 02-21-2019 Why did you run away from home as a kid? Topic:... Read More

Weezer Soars With Two New Songs From 'The Black Album'

We are almost a week away from another self-titled Weezer album entering the world. The Black Album approaches with anticipation high, and everyone eager to see what the "darker" and "more experimental" side of the band looks like. The long-rumored release comes during a renaissance for the alt-... Read More
Bea Arthur

Why Is Bea Arthur Trending On Twitter?

Dear pals and confidants, you might have noticed that this morning the world awoke to Bea Arthur being a trending topic on Twitter. Nestled nicely between #ThursdayMotivation and #MakeMeCringeIn4Words sat the name of the legendary actress, the one which as traveled down the road and back again. But... Read More