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@DaveAndMahoney: How Do We Not Have Flying Cars By Now?

What's something you thought we would for sure have by 2020? I mean, this IS the future isn't it?? Flying cars and self healing roads are just a few that were sent in. Submit your answer to @DaveAndMahoney. Are you a movie buff?? Try guessing these quotes from today's Movie Quote Quiz. You're BOUND... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: What Have You Done To Make Someone Hate You

Ever done something to make someone so mad they end up hating you for life?? Yeah... it's happened to us too. Share your stories with us @DaveAndMahoney. Listener Justin tries to find which story is absolutely false in, Fake News Farra. Listener Amanda really struggles with guessing who these... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: 2020 Resolutions Are Failing Everywhere

Are You Smarter Than A Community College Drop Out?? Turns out Maggie is! She beat Mahoney leaving him to be a loser to start out 2020. Speaking of the new year... what new years resolutions are you totally failing at??? Send your answers in to @DaveAndMahoney! Read More
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Model Raises Almost $1 Million For Australia Via Nudes

LA model, Kaylen Ward, or known now as, "The Naked Philanthopist", on twitter has promised to send all donators to the brush fire relief in Australia nudes. My beautiful friend has raised over 500,000$ & counting in donations for the fires in Australia -- I’m so proud of you baby! Power of the... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: Have You Ever Been Hungrotional?

This morning we found out that @MahoneySucks once cried into his burrito because he was so hungry. We are now coining that feeling as being hungrotional, hungry/emotional. There's a new beer featured for breakfast and it's rated extrememly high! If you haven't tried Mother Earth Brew Co.'s Peanut... Read More
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#BEERFORBREAKFAST: Sin Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout

Mother Earth Brew Co Sin Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout The Sin Tax Imperial Peanut Butter Stout has 8.1% ABV and 45 IBUs. This beer can be found year round. It’s priced around $12.99 for a 6 pack Proper Glassware: Pint Glass. Mug or Snifter Serve @: 50°F Look: The Peanut Butter Milk Stout pours... Read More
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@DaveAndMahoney: Back From Vacation

After a long (way too long) vacation, The @DaveAndMahoney Morning Show is back!!! Kicking off the first show in 2020 by remembering all the loads spilled across America with, In Memoriam. In the new year Karen's are still angry as ever and leaving SCATHING reviews, per usual, and we are very... Read More
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Post Malone Gets New Face Tattoo And Falls Off Stage

I am definitely one of those people who thinks Posty has had a FANTASTIC glow up, but after this new face tattoo I'm hopping off the wagon. Listen, I'm a lover of tattoos! Even the very visible neck, hands, or casual face tatoo... I'M HERE FOR IT!! But, when you start getting the tattoos that cover... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: Can You Guess Where They've Been Banned?

@daveandmahonehy want to know where you've been banned from so they don't feel so bad. Can you guess where they've been 86-ed from? They also want you to guess if certain events are apart of Nicholas Cages' real life or if they were from a movie he was featured in, Caged Or Staged. Read More