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@DaveAndMahoney: DIY's Gone Wrong

What DIY project have you taken on and realized later you weren't cut out for the job?? One listener told us that they caused a major thousand dollar issue just from vacuuming the house! Send your stories here: @DaveandMahoney. Show features: #CoverYourEars #LeBoufOrLeStage and #KarenChronicles Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: Sorry Mom

With Mothers Day this weekend the show wants to thank all the moms out there that have had to put up with us over the years. THAT being said the show wants to know: What do you need to appologize to your mom for? Did you take the car out one night and get caught by the cops? Maybe you were always... Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: What Are You Paranoid About?

We're all paranoid about something that's going on right now. Maybe it's UFO's or your neighbor is starting to behave a little weird.... submit your answers in here: @DaveandMahoney. Show Features: #CoverYourEars and the #KarenChronicles Read More

@DaveAndMahoney: Being An Adult Is Hard

Adulting is hard and sometimes you just don't want to do it anymore! Dave and Mahoney want to know: What's something you've been putting off for a while now? Submit your stories here: @DaveandMahoney. Show Features: #AreYouSmarter and #TipsyOrToddler Read More