New Year Stimulus

X107.5’s New Year Stimulus

Listen For The Special Codeword Jan. 3 to Feb. 1


Need some cash to start the new year off right?'re in luck because X107.5’s New Year Stimulus is on!

We’ve got $12,000 a day that we wanna give to you! Every Monday through Friday, just listen to X107.5 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. At 30 minutes after every hour, be listening for the special codeword, then text that codeword to 7-2-8-8-1 for your chance to win $1,000. Yep, it’s just that easy — 12 chances a day to pay some bills, buy something neat, get yourself that present you didn't receive over the holidays or…whatever! So be sure to listen to X107.5 every Monday through Friday until Feb. 1 to win.