Audrey Drake

Audrey Drake

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Audrey Lee is a southern girl who made her way to Las Vegas. She was taught to be polite to everyone while growing up in Alabama -- and to be mean to every Louisville fan when she attended the University of Kentucky (GO CATS!). 

This girl loves sports. She doesn’t even have to know what’s going on to be in attendance. (We really think she just goes to games for the beer and hot dogs, but we don’t tell her that.) 

Audrey has ran multiple 5k charity races, including benefits for JDRF, cancer research, domestic violence survivors and drug rehabilitation. She loves reaching out to the community and supporting causes she believes in. 

Wait? Have we mentioned Audrey loves animals? Like, not just loves them. We are talking LOVES THEM! We saw her cry while watching puppy videos on YouTube just the other day. 

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