Life is Beautiful

Four Art Attractions You’ll Love at Life is Beautiful 2019

In 2013, Life is Beautiful imagined the then-barren walls of Downtown Las Vegas as an open canvas, bringing in internationally-acclaimed artists to literally paint the town.
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x107.5’s Guide to Life is Beautiful 2019

If you’re like us, you’ve been counting down the days to Life is Beautiful since, well, the last one.
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The Ultimate Life is Beautiful Lineup Playlist

Chance the Rapper ft. Ben Gibbard — “Do You Remember” Chano’s new album, The Big Day , came out to a lukewarm reception, with a fair share of negative reviews. But to those naysayers, we point to “Do You Remember” as Exhibit A as to why he’s still the GOAT. It’s hopeful, nostalgic, and beautiful...
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Beautiful Ideas Emerge at Life is Beautiful

Music may take the main stage at Life is Beautiful, but as anyone who’s ever been to the festival already knows, there’s a wealth of art, food, comedy, and more to go with it.
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Life Is Beautiful Food

Las Vegas Tastemakers Take the Lead for Life is Beautiful

Jolene Mannina returns to Life is Beautiful
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Chance The Rapper LIB

Philanthropy Grabs the Spotlight as Life Is Beautiful Returns to Las Vegas

There is a movement happening behind the scenes that will make this year’s event more significant than many fans realize
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Life is Beautiful Buzz Report

Life is Beautiful returns to Downtown Las Vegas for its seventh year September 20-22.
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