Aruba, Jamaica, Mahoney Wants to Take Ya

The X107.5 Morning Show Host Models His Favorite Tommy Bahama Looks of the Season

November 26, 2018
Mahoney in Tommy Bahama

Cierra Pedro


Forget fashionable, Mahoney craves comfort.

Proving, once again, that he is a man committed to his own path—no matter how many laughs he gets along the way—the X107.5 morning radio host is taking his love of Tommy Bahama shirts beyond the airwaves, in the form of a fashion pictorial at Las Vegas’ beloved Golden Tiki bar.

“I went on a cruise and my fiancée bought me a Tommy Bahama shirt,” Mahoney explained while posing with one of the bars famous fiery cocktails. “I wore it and I was like, ‘This is really comfortable.’" He now owns more than 40 of the print tops.

His collection of island-inspired attire has drawn some peanut gallery mockery, he admits, forcing him to brush aside comments that he’s wearing a “male muumuu” (like the one Homer Simpson wore in a classic Simpsons episode).

“Dave started making fun of me too,” Mahoney says of longtime radio partner Dave Farra. “But this shirthides a lot and leaves a lot to the imagination.”

The 30-something Mahoney’s fashion choices seem aligned with his life goal of "retirement" and living in a 55-plus community, where he can take mall walks in the morning and lounge around listening to “Kokomo” in the afternoon.

“My community is one-story [houses], and everyone is like 70 years old,” he says. “So it’s like a pseudo retirement community, but not quite.”

Try a Bahama on for size and see what Mahoney is fussing about. The brand has five stores, a restaurant and an oulet in the Las Vegas area