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Dave & Mahoney

Episode 307

Thursday, April 26th
We play Are You Smarter Than a Community College Drop Out; Schools are removing analogue clocks because teenagers "cannot tell the time" and we might've...
Dave & Mahoney

Episode 306

Wednesday, April 25th
We play Lazy Bonez Mahonez; we get new Prison Mail from inmate Courtney; Dave and Mahoney reenact songs in Alternative Theatre; Corona is set to release gummy...
Dave & Mahoney

Episode 305

Tuesday, April 24th
We play Cover Your Ears; all new Misconnection Inpsection; and a Jeoprady contestant hoped to use $100k prize money for lifetime supply for Taco Bell, avocado...
Dave & Mahoney

Episode 304

Monday, April 23rd
We play the Super Stupid Spelling Bee and Tipsy or Toddler; on this week's Interesting Individuals, Ian speaks to "Pick my Pose"; Sylvia might not be great at...
Dave & Mahoney

Episode 303

Friday, April 20th
Friday Five includes a bad cover of Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero", Rachel Platten forgetting to the words of the Anthem, and Ian talks to Vegas Golden Knights "...