Sound House

X107.5 and Entercom Las Vegas' annual celebration of all things music. Join us in downtown Las Vegas each year for this exclusive party as we welcome some of the biggest names and hottest new talents in music to perform, talk about their work and even take some photos with our Sound House attendees.

The Drax Project; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: The Drax Project Do Cultural Exchange

The Drax Project , a New Zealand foursome with a jazz-tinged pop sound, were enjoying their first trip ever to Las of course they had to take a cheeky hoon on the pokies. What?
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Yungblud; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Yungblud Takes Las Vegas

Dominic Harrison, an in-your-face, high-energy, motor-mouthed 20-year-old from England now known as Yungblud, is a burst of pure late 70's punk personified in a 2018 package.
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Welshly Arms; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Welshly Arms Are a Working Man's Band

When you're a six-member band with a sound as diverse as Welshly Arms, it's even tough for the band to explain who and what they are to newcomers.
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Logan Henderson; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Logan Henderson Speaks...Will Big Time Rush Reunite?

It's never easy transitioning from a pop group to being a stand-alone solo artist, but Logan Henderson is proving he may have the chops to survive the shift.
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Lovelytheband; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Lovelytheband Owe It All to Booze, Wings and Instagram

Lovelytheband has seen a pretty meteoric rise the past two years...b ut would you believe what a huge role Instagram played in getting the guys together in the first place?
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Tom McFarland of Jungle; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Jungle's Tom McFarland on Why Now is Time for "For Ever"

Four years after their debut album garnered worldwide attention, the neo-soul duo known as Jungle are finally back with a new record.
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Amy Shark; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Amy Shark on All Her Dreams Coming True in 1 Week

How many sharks can Amy Shark name? And does the emerging Australian singer-songwriter have any distinctly Aussie expressions for gambling?
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Robert DeLong; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Robert DeLong Making EPs for "Foreseeable Future"

Count singer-songwriter-DJ-multi-hyphenate supreme Robert DeLong among those in no huge hurry to drop a new album.
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AJR; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: AJR Are Nice Guys...Even in the Bathroom

Is it okay to take a selfie with AJR in a restroom? Hmmm...
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Death Cab for Cutie; Sound House 2018

Sound House 2018: Death Cab for Cutie on Tours vs. Festivals

With more than 20 years of gigs under their belts, what do the guys from Death Cab For Cutie prefer -- their own headlining tours or playing giant festivals?
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