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@DaveAndMahoney: Can You Guess Where They've Been Banned?

@daveandmahonehy want to know where you've been banned from so they don't feel so bad. Can you guess where they've been 86-ed from? They also want you to guess if certain events are apart of Nicholas Cages' real life or if they were from a movie he was featured in, Caged Or Staged.
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wedding ring

@DaveAndMahoney: Taking Off The Wedding Ring

Are you casually taking off your wedding ring?? @AudreyOnAir doesn't like her husband to take his off. @DaveAndMahoney want to know about that ONE gift you'll never forget.
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Donuts make Dave and Mahoney very happy

What's something that brings you a ridiculous amount of joy?
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Mahoney Wrecked His Forehead To Break World Record

In a new game, Record Wreckers, Mahoney tries to break the world record for most pencils broken on his face. The outcome isn't a victory and neither is what happened to his forehead afterwards. OUCH! Firestone Napa Parabola was today's Beer for Breakfast and it has the highest rating of any beer...
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Dave And Mahoney: Weird Stuff Your Grandparents Do

We all have some weirdo Grandparents, right? Dave and Mahoney want to know how crazy your grandparents are. One listener told the show that their grandma had a weird clown facination. It's friday!!! So that means another Beer For Breakfast. On todays menu, Willy Time White Ale.
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Dave and Mahoney Put Audrey In The Hot Seat

Audrey is in the hot seat this week. Any question asked she has to answer... like which sibling would she give up for 1 million dollars? The Morning Show also finds out what's your favorite pickup line.
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The Dave and Mahoney Morning Show Fell Victim To Shamwow

The Morning Show wants to know what seemed like it was going to be AMAZING until you actually had to use it (like the ShamWow... what a waste of money. Didn't clean up one spill correctly. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!)
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Mahoney or MahANIMAL??

Mahoney or MahANIMAL? Which one is your fave? We have a new beer featured on Beer For Breakfast that Audrey drank in two seconds flat (it was that good). Dave and Mahoney also want to know your weirdest Uber/Lyft/Cab stories.
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Dave and Mahoney: Crazy Exes and an Even CRAZIER Beer For Breakfast

Ever had a crazy ex?? Maybe you'll feel better after hearing some of THESE stories. Beer for Breakfast got a touch out of hand today and all Dave and Audrey have to say about is, "Mahoney deserves it!!!"
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Dave and Mahoney Talk Losing Things in Ridiculous Places

Mahoney's glad that cop found his wallet!
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