DAM Videos Of The Day / 05-16-2018

Well, you don't see this every day. A thief broke into a building and was so pleased with himself that he decided to celebrate by dancing. Video of Watch as thief starts dancing while breaking into business I can only assume the driver just wanted to be efficient Video of One Truck and Two Cars ||...
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DAM Videos Of The Day / 05-07-2018

Maybe don't cross a street against a red light. Luckily, this lady made it to the other side without a scratch. Video of Woman nearly becomes a big splatter - 988934 I'm not sure which muscle this exercise will work out, but he seems all about it Video of Personal Trainer Spots Strange Neck Workout...
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DAM Videos Of The Day / 03-12-2018

Videos of a guy who replaced his car door chime and a dog who just wants to be a dog.
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