Fast Food Freakouts


@DaveAndMahoney: Fast Food Freakout

Have you ever been so angry at a fast food place that you started a fight?? It seems to be a trend now-a-days and listener Patrick was able to figure out where some CRAZY fights were started in pretty well known restaurants! (he must fight there frequently) We also had a new beer featured on todays...
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@DaveAndMahoney: Prank Wars

Have you ever pulled a GLORIOUS prank on a family member? Maybe you've been pranked hard? Share your story to the socials, @DaveAndMahoney. It's Friday and the show has worked EXTRA hard this week. No slip ups at all... just kidding. @Ian_E_Radio caught them all on the Blooper Reel. Hearing the...
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spending money

@DaveAndMahoney: Know Someone Who Spends WAY Too Much Money?

We all know that one person who spends WAY too much money on the most ridiculous things, right? Maybe you're the ridiculous spender? This morning, we found out that @AudreyOnAir may beat @MahoneySucks on ridiculous spending habits. Share your story with us on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. The #...
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wedding ring

@DaveAndMahoney: Taking Off The Wedding Ring

Are you casually taking off your wedding ring?? @AudreyOnAir doesn't like her husband to take his off. @DaveAndMahoney want to know about that ONE gift you'll never forget.
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Donuts make Dave and Mahoney very happy

What's something that brings you a ridiculous amount of joy?
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Dave And Mahoney: Weird Stuff Your Grandparents Do

We all have some weirdo Grandparents, right? Dave and Mahoney want to know how crazy your grandparents are. One listener told the show that their grandma had a weird clown facination. It's friday!!! So that means another Beer For Breakfast. On todays menu, Willy Time White Ale.
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Which Disney Scene Made Dave And Mahoney Cry?

What Disney movie made the Dave and Mahoney Morning Show cry this morning? There was a VERY interesting episode of Dirty Laundry today as well. Let's just say, keep your privates clean before you come around this girl "from the BRONX"!!!
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