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Mahoney Wrecked His Forehead To Break World Record

In a new game, Record Wreckers, Mahoney tries to break the world record for most pencils broken on his face. The outcome isn't a victory and neither is what happened to his forehead afterwards. OUCH! Firestone Napa Parabola was today's Beer for Breakfast and it has the highest rating of any beer...
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Dave And Mahoney: Weird Stuff Your Grandparents Do

We all have some weirdo Grandparents, right? Dave and Mahoney want to know how crazy your grandparents are. One listener told the show that their grandma had a weird clown facination. It's friday!!! So that means another Beer For Breakfast. On todays menu, Willy Time White Ale.
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No Shock Where Dave And Mahoney Met Their Wives

Where did you meet your significant other? Was it from a dating app?? Dave and Mahoney want to know your weird first date stories. One listener said he went on a date with a girl who came prepared with printed out documents of his credit score!!
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