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@DaveAndMahoney: Will 2020 Be A Skinny Year For Mahoney?

The Peloton backlash has affected everyone EXCEPT Mahoney.... who now claims that 2020 will be his skinny year. @DaveAndMahoney want to know what are you prude about? @AudreyOnAir has NEVER driven faster than 85mph. (WHAT???) Also, @Ian_E_Radio catches up with Jim the Birdman to figure out why...
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Listener Tells Dave And Mahoney That Baby Yoda Is Over Hyped

Dave and Mahoney want to know what people SHOULD know about your job? Maybe you're a waitress and the time it takes for the food to come out isn't on you? Speaking of that... we have a new episode of the Karen Chronicles and there are so many who would like to speak to a manager!
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Dave and Mahoney: Day 1 of the Four Corners Food Drive

The team is hitting all 4 corners of the valley to help our neighbors in need this holiday season!
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Mahoney Blames His Mom For This Character Trait of His

What does Mahoney blame his mom for and do you believe it?? The morning show wants to know what you ABSOLUTELY do not miss on your days off?
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You'd Have To Pay Dave 150 Million To Quit Doing This

We all have that one thing that we are so addicted to but just don't care to quit. Dave said you would have to pay him $150 million to quit doing this one daily activity. Also, one Karen from the Karen Chronicles is Karen T-eed to give you a bad review.
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Mahoney Found A Very Long Hair In His Taco

Mahoney is standing on a firm platform that people should wear body nets to catch all hair fall out after finding a 7 inch long hair in his taco. Listener question for today: What's the reason your parents were the angriest they've ever been at you?? One caller said, "I set a fire around my entire...
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Dave and Mahoney: What Are You Hiding From A First Date

What do you make sure to keep secret when you first start dating someone? One listener told Dave and Mahoney that she's been hiding her guy friends from her boyfriend since day 1!! On today's Karen Chronicles one Karen has a problem with Trader Joes. Only a Karen would hate a grocery store.
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What Song Does Mahoney Put On For Sexy Time?

What song do you think Mahoney turns on before getting it on? It may not be what you think. The show asks what mean things your family has said to you. One listener says that his parents told him he was a mistake!
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Dave And Mahoney Listener Wishes Wife Would Play Kazoo More

Dave and Mahoney want to know: What is one thing your significant other used to do that they don't do anymore? One caller told the show that his wife no longer plays the Kazoo. Karen is back, and this time the chronicles take us to a Karen on Caren review attack on yelp!
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Dave and Mahoney Want To Know If You Have Ever Been Hazed

Why did they have to duct tape the porta potty shut!?
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