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Summer 2020: Deftones Make Their Way To Vegas

Alternative metal band, Deftones , are iconic in music for many reasons.
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AWOLNATION: The Lightning Riders Tour

American rock and alternative band, AWOLNATION , is known for their electronic rock and electropop sound!
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@DaveAndMahoney: What Fantasy Land Do You Wish You Lived In?

We all kind of need an escape from reality right now, right? If you could live anywhere right now, where would it be? Some where in the Harry Potter world? Maybe Star Wars? Send your responses here: @DaveandMahoney.
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@DaveAndMahoney: Karen Makes An Appearance On Craigslist

Karen makes an appearance on craigslist on today's #MissedConnectionInspection, @AudreyOnAir fails miserably at the #MovieQuoteQuiz, and the @DaveAndMahoney show want to know: what's the longest running autodraft you have on your account? @MahoneySucks has had a charge for 18 months for student...
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Birds of Prey

Enter the Mayhem! Win Birds of Prey on Digital!

Enter the Mayhem! Enter to win Birds of Prey on Digital!
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fake news

@DaveAndMahoney: Fake News Farra Is Back

Today we want you to talk dirty to the @DaveAndMahoney show, tell us what food you're excited to go get once you're out of quarantine. Also, #FakeNewsFarra is BACK!! @MahoneySucks and @AudreyOnAir try to figure out which news story is fake... even though, they all sound totally real.
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@DaveAndMahoney: Beer For Breakfast Quarantine Style

Highest rated Beer for Breakfast to date!!!
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what day is it

@DaveAndMahoney: What Day Is It?

Today is Wednesday, or known now as: day. Quarantine continues for the morning show and they want to know- What have you messed up while social distancing? Did you buy the wrong groceries at the store and now your kids wont eat anything?? Send a wrong email at work that's cost you business? Send...
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What day is it? Does anyone know anymore??? What we do know, Karen is back and she has some complaints! #KarenChronicles
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at home

Dave and Mahoney - Mon - 3/23 - Ep 1004

The show continues to be quarantined and practicing social distancing by broadcasting live from their homes. They want to know: if you're working from home and have kids or pets... what weird things are they doing that would NOT fly if they were your actual coworker? For example: Audrey's coworker...
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