@DaveAndMahoney: What's Something That You've Bought That Actually Brought You Happiness?

What's Something That You've Bought That Actually Brought You Happiness? Share it with us, @DaveAndMahoney.
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@DaveAndMahoney: Mahoney's 2020 Platform, Bidet's Everywhere

If @MahoneySucks were to run for president in 2020 his platform would be, bidets for each home!!! #CleanButtsMatter!! The show's question of the day leaves everyone feeling a bit sentimental: has a loved one ever thrown away something special to you? Maybe your mom threw away your legos from 30...
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found in backpack

@DaveAndMahoney: What Did Ian find In His Backpack??

This morning we wanted to know: what you are currently procrastinating?? We found out that @Ian_E_Radio hasn't unpacked from his trip and found THIS in his work backpack this morning. We also here from @MahoneySucks wife to see how lazy he has been this week with Lazy Bonez Mahonez.
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holiday ruined

Dave And Mahoney: What Did You Ruin Over The Holidays?

Dave and Mahoney want to know how you, or someone else, ruined the holiday. Ian talks to three people who possibly have a warrant.... see if you can guess who's the culprit. (hint: it's defitely the drunk guy)
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Warning!! Today's Who's Got the Warrent is the scariest and most intense yet. Almost as scary as what Mahoney told us he tried to hide from his exes in response to today's question: What's something you hid from your dates in order to impress them?
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What Is Mahoney Afraid Of Touching The Toilet Seat?

Real quote from Mahoney, "I don't want to live in a post apocolyptic world without blistex and wet wipes." We also find what he absolutely doesn't want touching the toilet seat.
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Mahoney Wrecked His Forehead To Break World Record

In a new game, Record Wreckers, Mahoney tries to break the world record for most pencils broken on his face. The outcome isn't a victory and neither is what happened to his forehead afterwards. OUCH! Firestone Napa Parabola was today's Beer for Breakfast and it has the highest rating of any beer...
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Dave And Mahoney Found Out A Friend Was An Adult Film Star

Have you ever snooped around and found out some information that you probably shouldn't know about? Dave and Mahoney found out that someone they worked with was an adult film star on the side. On today's Dirty Laundry, Ian gets an untold story from a guy who cheated on his wife with his mother in...
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Dave And Mahoney: How Much Do You Spoil Your Pets?

Dave and Mahoney want to know: How badly do you spoil your pets? One listener said that she prepares her dog organic grass fed meals and takes them to the spa monthly, but she eats hotdogs and hasn't been to the spa in years. Another episode of Alternative Theater leaves Mahoney BEGGING you not to...
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DAM Moments 04-25-2018

Dave and Mahoney ask: "Is it acceptable to serve someone divorce papers via text?" Video of Is it acceptable to serve someone divorce papers via text?
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