DAM Videos Of The Day / 06-01-2018

Sing, pupper, sing! Video of Opera Singing Dog || ViralHog Well this is unfortunate ... Added the dinosaur filter while singing happy birthday to my dad and it went horribly wrong ----‍♀️ — Sierra (@sammillzz) May 30, 2018
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DAM Moments 05-08-2018

Ian took it upon himself to troll Craigslist ... for love ... on Dave, Mahoney, and Sylvia's behalf. The responses were interesting. Craigslist Love Troll / 05-08-2018 In this edition of the Redneck Report, a man is arrested for driving his lawnmower drunk and a woman blows up urine in a 7-11...
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DAM Videos Of The Day / 03-13-2018

A woman sings her heart out on a subway and some Navy pilots encounter a strange object.
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