Semi Spills 40,000 Pounds of Mac 'n Cheese on Interstate

A semi-truck tipped over on an interstate in Tennessee, spilling 40,000 pounds of dried macaroni and cheese powder across all lanes of traffic.
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DAM Videos Of The Day / 06-08-2018

This is probably the reason why you shouldn't show off while riding a motorcycle. Video of Showing off in Traffic Fail || ViralHog Never underestimate the power of ...... a power washer Video of Guy Loses Control of Power Washer - 990106
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DAM Videos Of The Day / 05-01-2018

How do you let another driver merge onto your lane? Well, you challenge him to a game of paper-rock-scissors. That's what this guy in Houston did. Find out who wins. Video of Drivers play rock, paper, scissors to determine lane change A surfer by the name of Rodrigo Koxa broke the record for "...
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