Who's Got The Warrant

weird side hustle

@DaveAndMahoney: Do You Have A Weird Side Hustle Job?

Have you or a family member ever had a weird side hustle job? Let us know on our socials @DaveAndMahoney. This morning Travis took down @MahoneySucks in, Are You Smarter Than A Community College Dropout, continuing Mahoney's losing streak for 2020. Andrew was able to guess Who Had The Warrant out...
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@DaveAndMahoney: 2020 Resolutions Are Failing Everywhere

Are You Smarter Than A Community College Drop Out?? Turns out Maggie is! She beat Mahoney leaving him to be a loser to start out 2020. Speaking of the new year... what new years resolutions are you totally failing at??? Send your answers in to @DaveAndMahoney!
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kids puke

@DaveAndMahoney: Kids Puking At Inconvenient Times

Why does cold and flu season always hit the hardest during the holidays? The @DaveAndMahoney morning show want to know when the last time your kid (or you) got so sick at the most inconvenient time?? @MahoneySucks is on a 2 week winning streak on Are You Smarter Than A Community College Dropout.
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holiday ruined

Dave And Mahoney: What Did You Ruin Over The Holidays?

Dave and Mahoney want to know how you, or someone else, ruined the holiday. Ian talks to three people who possibly have a warrant.... see if you can guess who's the culprit. (hint: it's defitely the drunk guy)
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Dave and Mahoney Want to Know Who Ruined Thanksgiving

Dad looks like Two-Face because he tried to deep fry the turkey
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Warning!! Today's Who's Got the Warrent is the scariest and most intense yet. Almost as scary as what Mahoney told us he tried to hide from his exes in response to today's question: What's something you hid from your dates in order to impress them?
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What Is Mahoney Afraid Of Touching The Toilet Seat?

Real quote from Mahoney, "I don't want to live in a post apocolyptic world without blistex and wet wipes." We also find what he absolutely doesn't want touching the toilet seat.
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Dave and Mahoney Think Ian Is Too Old For Mosh Pits

Dave and Mahoney tell Ian he's too old to be going into mosh pits. Which, just so happens to be Ian's biggest regret from the weekend. Listeners call and text in with their most recent regrets. One person said, "I slept wit my ex, who's now married, in their new home they share togeter." YIKES!
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D&M: She's Too Young If She's Never Watched Ren & Stimpy

Dave and Mahoney discuss how weird it is to date someone who didn't grow up watching the same TV shows that they did as kids. Also, Dave and Mahoney want to know, what's your current addiction? One listener said they are addicted to "fixing people".
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Dave Used To Torture His Bus Driver With Bubblegum

What are some crazy stories you remember from riding the bus home from school?? Dave used to torutre his bus driver with bubble gum... which makes sense as to why she turned evil!!!! A new episode of Who's Got The Warrant as Ian attempting to be too cool with a dude named, New York.
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